List of PCI RR-interested journals

What is a PCI RR-interested journal?

A PCI RR-interested journal does not automatically accept PCI RR recommendations but has signed up to be alerted (with the consent of the authors) when a new Stage 1 in-principle acceptance (IPA) or Stage 2 acceptance is recommended by PCI RR. The journal may then contact the authors to arrange additional peer review or make a direct publication offer to the authors. Any such communications or offers are beyond the purview of PCI RR, and PCI RR does not broker or mediate negotiations.

A journal may prefer to be listed as PCI RR-interested where it wants to reserve the right to perform additional peer review of RRs that receive a positive recommendation by PCI RR. For example, in determining the publishability of a RR, the journal may decide to apply additional review criteria to those assessed by PCI RR, or the journal may want to perform its own scientific evaluation of the existing PCI RR review criteria, the level of bias control, the pre-planned evidence strength, or the disciplinary fit of the submission.

As part of the Stage 1 submission checklist, authors are asked whether they want PCI RR-interested journals to be informed when (and if) their manuscript receives a positive Stage 1 or Stage 2 recommendation from PCI RR. Where this consent is provided, PCI RR-interested journals will gain access to a list of recommended submissions, including author names, contact details, the Stage 1 recommendation and reviews where authors elect to publish them prior to Stage 2 acceptance, and the URL to the Stage 1 manuscript registered by PCI RR. The journal then has the option to contact the authors directly, and independently of PCI RR, to suggest additional peer review or to make a direct offer of Stage 1 IPA or Stage 2 acceptance. For further information on these possibilities, see this question in the FAQs.

All PCI RR-interested journals make the following commitments:

1) Where possible, to express interest in submissions following Stage 1 acceptance rather than waiting until Stage 2.

2) To never reject a Stage 2 submission that was recommended by PCI RR on the basis of the results.

Journals wishing to become PCI RR-interested may contact the PCI RR Managing Board. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

List of PCI RR-interested journals

Where authors seek to maximise the chances of their manuscript being picked up by a PCI RR-interested journal, we recommend they consult the journal's RR policy to determine what additional conditions may need to be met, over and above the PCI RR review criteria. For instance, some PCI RR-interested journals set a more stringent requirement on pre-planned evidence strength (including prospective statistical power or Bayes factors) while others may only consider RRs where data do not exist prior to in-principle acceptance (in line with Level 6 of the PCI RR bias-control taxonomy).
The list of PCI RR-interested outlets below includes a link to each journal's RR author guidelines.