We are recruiting recommenders from all research fields!

PCI RR started in 2021 and has become wildly successful. The innovations we implemented to make registered reports accessible to all fields have been well received. As a result, our researcher-run community has grown much more rapidly than we expected and we need your help in recruiting recommenders (editors) to help us handle the large number of submissions we receive.

We are especially in need of recommenders from the following fields: social psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, sport and exercise physiology, behavioral economics and decision-making, and qualitative research.

What a PCI RR recommender does

A PCI RR recommender is analogous to an action editor at a peer reviewed journal. The recommender invites and assigns expert reviewers, assesses submissions and the reviews against the assessment criteria, and issues Stage 1 and Stage 2 recommendations (including writing a brief recommendation at the point of Stage 1 in principle acceptance). Recommenders typically handle submissions either within or close to their specialism. They are expected to comply with PCI RR's code of conduct, and are eligible for selection as a member of the Managing Board for a three-year term. A recommender can also propose the nomination of new recommenders to the Managing Board. See the PCI RR Guidelines for Recommenders for more information on the key roles and responsibilities.

PCI RR training and conflict of interest declaration

To ensure a minimum understanding of the role and responsibilities, prospective PCI RR recommenders are required to pass a multiple-choice test and receive certification as a PCI RR recommender before handling their first assignment. Recommenders must also complete a declaration of interests indicating any other editorships or professional roles that could be perceived to conflict with their role at PCI RR. 

Interested in becoming a recommender at PCI RR? 

Send us an email: contact@rr.peercommunityin.org. We generally select people who are post PhD, conduct independent research, and have at least a handful of first author articles (to ensure people have some experience with the publishing process). PCI has signed the Joint Statement of Principles of the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communication, and we at PCI RR fully support this. We aim to have strong representation across fields of research, geographic regions, genders, and in other areas where some groups of people have been traditionally underrepresented in academia. 

When you enquire about becoming a recommender, we will add you to our waitlist, which must be approved by the Managing Board. Those who are approved by the Managing Board will then be invited in waves that are balanced for diversity. If you would like to help speed up the process, you can find colleagues from groups who are traditionally underrepresented in academia and encourage them to request to become a recommender as well. For more information about underrepresented groups and academic publishing, please see Maas et al. (2021), Palser et al. (2021), and Eisen (2020).


  • What is the minimum time commitment? There is no minimum. When submitting, authors suggest recommenders, who then receive automated invitations. Recommenders can choose to accept, decline, or ignore invitations depending on their schedule.
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