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A climate action intervention to boost individual and collective climate mitigation behaviors in young adultsuse asterix (*) to get italics
Anna Castiglione, Cameron Brick, Gianluca Esposito, Andrea BizzegoPlease use the format "First name initials family name" as in "Marie S. Curie, Niels H. D. Bohr, Albert Einstein, John R. R. Tolkien, Donna T. Strickland"
<p>We present a programmatic research line to test whether a longitudinal intervention aiming to increase key psychological correlates of pro-environmental behavior motivates young adults to take climate action. In five longitudinal studies, we will test and optimize a six-week, in-person intervention, exposing participants to interactive lessons and activities that were developed from existing psychological theories and interventions. The goal is to increase pro-climate behavior by leveraging 12 psychological correlates such as beliefs, attitudes and affect. Before and after the intervention, participants will complete surveys measuring the psychological correlates, and also report individual and collective pro-climate behaviors via Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA). Each study will include a control group. The psychological correlates and behavior will be measured again after three months to assess the medium-term effectiveness of the intervention. The studies will target young adults at different life stages (high school and university students) and two countries (Italy and the Netherlands). The results and participant feedback from each study will be used to update the intervention for the following studies, within each life stage.The longitudinal design, the intensive manipulations and EMA’s ecological validity are uniquely capable of revealing causal evidence that changes in beliefs, attitudes and affect lead to climate action across age groups and cultures.</p>
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climate change, climate crisis, climate action, climate activism, pro-climate behavior, pro-environmental behavior, climate anxiety, climate education
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Social sciences
Ellen Field [] suggested: Not available at this time for additional reviewing, Bas Verplanken [] suggested: Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh, University of Bath, email:, Gerhard Reese [] suggested: Hi, really sorry but too many obligations atm. , Gerhard Reese [] suggested: you could try: , Gerhard Reese [] suggested: Dr. Helen Landmann, University of Hagen , Gerhard Reese [] suggested: Prof. Dr. Immo Fritsche, University of Leipzig , Gerhard Reese [] suggested: Dr.Torsten Masson, Uni Leipzig/Lüneburg, Torsten Masson [] suggested:, Paul Lutz [] suggested: I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I recently started by doctoral studies, and my supervisor suggested that I gain some more research experience before serving as a reviewer. He is currently on sabbatical, so he would be unable to supervise my review. , Paul Lutz [] suggested: Suggested Reviewer: Cameron Brick; , Kimberley Doell [] suggested: Madalina Vlasceanu , Kimberley Doell [] suggested: Sander Van der Linden , Kimberley Doell [] suggested: Florian Lange, Lise Jans [] suggested: Thijs Bouman, Danielle Cosme suggested: Allie Sinclair, , Danielle Cosme suggested: Madalina Vlasceanu, , Danielle Cosme suggested: Wilhelm Hofmann,, Marie-Annelise Blanchard [] suggested: Alexandre Heeren ( , Marie-Annelise Blanchard [] suggested: Camille Mouiguiama ( No need for them to be recommenders of PCI Registered Reports. Please do not suggest reviewers for whom there might be a conflict of interest. Reviewers are not allowed to review preprints written by close colleagues (with whom they have published in the last four years, with whom they have received joint funding in the last four years, or with whom they are currently writing a manuscript, or submitting a grant proposal), or by family members, friends, or anyone for whom bias might affect the nature of the review - see the code of conduct
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2024-01-11 16:25:49
Chris Chambers
Tyler Jacobs, Matt Williams