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Sunk cost effects for time versus money: Replication and extensions Registered Report of Soman (2001)use asterix (*) to get italics
Nikolay PETROV, Yin Kan (Megan) CHAN, Cheuk Nam (Chris) LAU, Tin Ho (Donald) KWOK, Lok Ching (Estelle) CHOW, Wai Yan (Vivian) LO, Wenkai SONG, Gilad FELDMAN
<p>The sunk cost effect is the tendency for an individual's decision-making to be impacted by unrecoverable previous investments of resources. Soman (2001) found that sunk cost effect is weaker for time than for money (Studies 1 and 2) and that the facilitation of money-like accounting strengthens the sunk cost effect for time (Study 5). We conducted a Registered Report of a close, high-powered, replication and extension of Soman (2001)’s Studies 1 and 2 and a conceptual replication of his Study 5 with an online sample of US American Amazon Mechanical Turk (N = 821). We found support for differences between sunk money costs and sunk time costs in Study 1 (original: φc = .61 [.43, .78]; replication: φc = .38 [.31, .45]), yet not in Study 2 in which we found sunk cost effects for both money and time (original: money - φc = .32 [.12, .52], time - φc = .02 [.00, .18]; replication: money - φc = .23 [.14, .33] , time - φc = .32 [.23, .42]). In Study 5, we found no support for facilitation of money-like accounting as strengthening the sunk time cost effect. Materials, data, and code are available on:</p>
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judgment and decision-making, sunk cost, escalation of commitment, time, money, opportunity cost
Social sciences
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2023-04-18 20:57:24
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